A Seismic Shift in the Metric of Success

Updated: May 2

Like so many businesses, Schilling&Co. suffered the ravaging effects of the pandemic. Contracts were cancelled, the phone stopped ringing, and retail sales evaporated– all of which happened in an instance. Subsequently, Alfred and I suddenly found ourselves with an abundance of two commodities: time and focus. Such resources are often scarce to busy business owners.

Our eyes opened to the "world of possibility," and we began to envision a new business landscape that could help the community heal and thrive once again. The challenges were complex, such as guaranteeing food safety, repurposing employees, and facilitating changing eating habits. Wow, we've learned a lot!

What emerged from our research is surprisingly soothing — the trend for 2021 is to be less trendy! Physically, emotionally and spiritually, we all need to heal and rediscover daily routines. Therefore, everyone is fundamentally seeking comfort, reliability, and ease. And our eating habits must reflect this remedy.

Here are three takeaways we'd like to share:

1. After prolonged isolation, our friends and family are deservedly the "stars of the show." Eating is an ideal means to bring people together, but preparation time shouldn't steal face-to-face time with tablemates. So, we need to take it easy in the kitchen.

2. We dusted off cookware this past year and grew more confident in the kitchen. It feels profoundly gratifying to serve a great meal, doesn't it? With newfound confidence, we can continue to build culinary skills and develop repertoires of easy meals that satisfy and sustain. Nurturing others with healthy food is the most excellent form of kindness.

3. Share yourself—share your heritage. Alfred and I have found harmony and comfort connecting with others this past year. Whether mentoring struggling food entrepreneurs or providing meals for those in need, we aimed to help wherever possible. After all, we can readily share what has been graciously given to us -- time and expertise. So gratification and fulfillment have become new metrics to gauge success, which magically grows through generosity with others. Community restoration is the solution for rebuilding individual success as we reemerge from the pandemic. Therefore, we ask ourselves the questions, "How can we help? How can we be helped?"

Schilling&Co. helps you celebrate your family, friends, and colleagues. Here are some ways we can help you :-)