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Updated: 6 days ago

What a difference a month makes. We’re noticing a welcome shift in the Bay Area as “life begins to reopen.” Local counties are loosening COVID restrictions, and the population is collectively breathing a sigh of relief. While we aren’t totally out of the woods just yet, greater freedom and spring sunshine certainly enliven the mood around here!

At Schilling&Co., we’re taking this opportunity to launch a fun product line called “Room Service for Your Home.” The service creates a 4-star, 3-course restaurant experience right in your home. All you do is place your order, refrigerate the delivery until serving, and then effortlessly reheat. After setting a beautiful table, a complete meal fit for a connoisseur is ready to serve in as little as 45 minutes. We truly make it effortless!

In light of our celebratory mood, the current selection is over-the-top decadent! However, lighter chicken, trout, and vegan/vegetarian options are on the way. Plus, we’re offering beta group participants a 50% discount in exchange for your feedback. So dust off your china and invite some friends and family to celebrate our brighter-looking future!

Join the beta group so we can send you a welcome package and voucher! Just check out the Room Service selection and sign up here…

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