We methodically produce our foods to maximize freshness for 2 days following the time of delivery. Additionally, our packaging allows for convenient storage in your refrigerator. Therefore, we suggest you place your order 3 to 4 days in advance to receive the delivery at least one day before your dinner. A stress-free experience is the name of the game!


This menu generously serves two hungry adults:


Starters: Chilled Cucumber and Melon Soup with homemade creme fraiche and croutons


Main Course: Steelhead Trout stuffed with Dungeness crab,  ginger, lemon,  wasabi, and chive. Poached in Chevray Chamberlain. Glazed with apple cider gelee to capture amazing flavors and freshness. Served with house-made crème fraîche


Accompaniments: Basque-style Bastami rice salad with lava -roasted  peppers &  fresh herbs  | Artisanal greens and chicories with mustard vinaigrette | House-made sourdough


Dessert: Assorted seasonal tartlets

Steelhead Trout with Dungeness Crab– complete meal serving two

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