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" Don't just dream, live."

- Infinite Possibilities -

Over the years, we set out on culinary quests to faraway places,

absorbing culture and cuisine like seedlings to sunshine.

With troves of knowledge from all these adventures,

now, more settled, we look to share the bounty. 

Just imagine what we can do for you.​

Schilling&Co. melds a revolutionary cooking school with diverse culinary services to create a community of innovation and social cause. With a modern catering company, e-commerce business, and restaurant, we meet you in your busy day. All the while, our students gain indispensable, hands-on culinary experience. With a daily commitment to Respect, Generosity, and Excellence, we share our culinary expertise and pioneering spirit with everyone who crosses our path.

" Everyone is important!" - Chef Alfred Schilling

What we do:

What's new...

Culinary School

  • A Tuition-free, Non-Profit

  • Students learn, earn, and work

  • Progressive curriculum

  • Paid apprenticeships

  • World-class faculty

  • Small classes

  • Professionally equipped kitchen

  • Guaranteed Job Placement

Cheese Board 2.jpg

Online Marketplace

  • Specialty entrees and accompaniments

  • World-class, house-made chocolates

  • Premier French wine and champagne 

  • Specialty desserts 

  • House-made provisions

  • Ships worldwide

Image by Nadya Spetnitskaya

Cooking Class Parties

  • You choose a theme, such as home-made pizza, hors d'oeuvres, specialty cocktails, or chocolate making

  • Hosted in your house or at our kitchens

  • Taught by world-class artisans

  • Tons to eat and drink

  • Interactive fun!


World-Class Chocolate

  • Chef Alfred's handcrafted specialties

  • A housemade blend of imported beans

  • Made and shipped the same day

  • Shipped worldwide

  • Impeccably packaged

  • Great gift idea

Salmon Coulibiac Meal.JPG

DIY Home-Dining

  • 3-Course, Fully Prepared Meals

  • Impeccably crafted

  • Simple reheating instructions

  • Delivered to your home

  • State-of-the-art food packaging to preserve taste and freshness

  • Refrigerate until serving

  • Sales help support L'Atelier Schilling's mission!


Customized Parties

  • Personalized menu creation

  • DYI reheating or on-site chef

  • Professional delivery

  • Additional services, if necessary

  • Beverages​

  • Decor & Rentals

  • Staffing

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