- James Faber -

"Food feeds the mind, body & soul."

I grew up on a New England farm, which instilled the work ethic and resourcefulness essential to my lifelong career in the food industry. Cooking and farming are the fabric of my life, creating rhythm in the days and order to the year. I aim to spread this passion far and wide.

After graduating from culinary school, job opportunities took me to incredible places, such as a castle in Scotland and the 7th arrondissement of Paris, where I soaked in new cultures and cuisines.  The revolutionary Northern Californian food scene of the ’90s drew me to San Francisco, where a noted culinary pioneer became my mentor. Soon thereafter, I commenced an entrepreneurial journey to provide bold fusion foods melded from artisanal ingredients for the likes of all people.

Over the years, I have owned and operated food businesses in practically every sector, from retail to wholesale to cloud kitchens. However, my true calling gravitates toward collaboration with others to create visionary concepts. So, the reality of developing this omnichannel culinary company with a partner like Alfred Schilling is my dream come true.

-  James Faber, 2021

Creative Director| President