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- Alfred Schilling -

"A lifetime of respect, generosity, and excellence."

Chef Alfred Schilling, the father of modern-day chocolate making, is a creative, bold, and visionary chef. Born wearing a chef’s hat, Alfred is on a constant quest for excellence. From selecting the finest ingredients to employing meticulous culinary techniques, he directs all his efforts toward the service of taste, aesthetics, and enjoyment.

A Certified Master Chef and accomplished businessman, Chef Alfred’s professional achievements are vast. He is mindful of the importance of culinary heritage and seeks to uphold its values with the utmost respect. Yet, Chef Alfred implicitly understands that the food industry continually evolves, so his mind remains focused on innovative concepts to modernize his culinary repertoire. Schilling&Co.’s primary purpose is to share this lifetime of artisanal expertise and pioneering spirit with our clients and students.

Alfred tailors this mission to the needs of each individual, and he vows to demonstrate this sincere generosity each day.

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