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- Finely-tailored parties and events -

We transform typical events into culinary experiences. Working with the brightest artisans, purveyors, and servers, we provide your catering dream team for design, production, and execution. 

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A Six-Step Process


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Menu Creation

Chef Alfred and our staff work directly with you to compose a menu of your desires. Through perusing our menus and providing your own ideas, we refine and hone your selection until you are wholly satisfied. At which point, you attend a tasting at our showroom, where the menu is finalized and documented in detail.

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Beverage Service

Once the menu comes into focus, we begin the discussion of cocktails, wine, and aperitifs for your event. Varieties and recipes are determined, and the glassware is identified. Finally, we decide whether a full bar, butler service, or self-service, or a combination thereof, is best-suited for your guests. 



Décor & Rentals

Working with a team of professionals, we provide every necessary detail for your event. From a demitasse spoon to a marquee tent, your options are endless. Once your selection is identified, we handle all the logistics before and after — you needn't lift a finger.  


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Chefs & Servers

Your food, beverage, and décor selections dictate what staffing is required, but this is just the beginning. From here, you decide a service style, from formal to more relaxed, so our captains can achieve the desired mood.


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Pièce de Résistance

Chef Alfred is a world-renowned pastry chef capable of creating personalized masterpieces in cake or chocolate. Additionally, our other resident artisans can provide tailored details, from customized cocktails to florals arrangements to calligraphy. 



Relax & Enjoy

Once every detail is addressed and documented, your work is complete. Rest-assured, Chef Alfred and the Schilling&Co. team are the exclusive fine catering professionals for the Bay Area. You're in the very best of hands.

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