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Schilling&Co. helps you celebrate life! Learn what we can do to make you a culinary superstar: 

  • Effortless home entertaining and dining

  • "Sur Measure" party, gala, and event planning

  • Customized cakes, desserts, and treats for a celebration


“Hands down the best Christmas dinner our family has EVER had.”

— Becky D.

“The team delivers! What an extraordinary feast right in our own home! My family loved this special treat!”

— Lindsay W.

“The best in the bay area - no one else even comes close.” 

— Valerie S.

A relaxing night with 5-star food... that is so easy to serve. What a lovely treat!

— Stuart P.

Ratatoulle Tart.jpg
Tartlet 2.JPG

“Such a complete treat and feel so spoiled.

Spectacular all around!”

— Amy A.


Schilling & Co offers a relaxing night in...but with 5-Star restaurant food quality that is easy to serve. What a lovely treat!

— Stuart P.

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